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The commodity market is a market that does business in the primary economic sector rather than the products produced. Such are the agricultural products like wheat, coffee, cocoa, fruits and sugar etc. In this, hard items like gold and oil are mined. Investors are fully accessed to around 50 major commodity markets worldwide, with financial transactions, which grow faster than physical businesses. Commodity markets may include physical trading and derivatives trading by using options on spot prices, forward, forward, and futures. Farmers have used a simplified form of business derived from commodity markets for centuries for value risk management. The commodity market is a financial instrument whose value is derived from something..

1) MCX:-MCX is one of the first listed exchanges, it is an independent barter located in India. It is India's largest commodity derivative exchange where the exchanges are clear and settlements MCX offers options trading in gold and futures trading in non-ferrous metals, bullion, energy, and many agricultural commodities. Futures Industry Association (FIA) Latest annual data has shown that in 2016, MCX is the seventh in global commodity markets compared to the number of futures contracts. Was in place. In 2017, MCX partnered with Thomson Reuters to develop India's first co-branded commodity index chain, Icomdex. The ecommodex series includes iComedex composites, iComedex base metals, iComedex bullion, iComedex gold, iComedex copper and iComedex crude oil. .

2)NCDEX:- NCDEX is a professionally managed online exchange, which includes large national level institutions, large public sector banks and companies with shareholders. Its promoters are Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC), National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) and National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE). It received its certificate for starting business on May 9, 2003. And this exchange offered trading in agricultural commodity contracts.

3)NMCE:- Indian Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited (NMCE) was launched on 26th November 2002 as a first online, demutualized commodity exchange of India by a group of Indian Commodity-based corporations and public agencies, and in November it has launched 24 commodities on its own. The first contracts were listed. And by July 2016, NMCE listed futures contracts on 13 different items ranging from oil and oil seeds, rubber, baking, raw jute, coffee, isabul seeds, gram, black pepper and cardamom. NMCE and ICEX agreed to merge in July 2017 and closed the deal till December 2017.

4)ICEX:- Indian Commodity Exchange Ltd. is a screen based on-line derivative exchange that has a reliable, time test and a transparent trade platform set up for the goods. It has set up the process by putting grading and walting facilities for convenience of delivery. . Its major shareholders are MMTC Limited, Indian Potash Limited, Kribhco, IDFC Bank Limited, Reliance Exchanges Limited and Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd.

5)ACE commodity Exchange:- ACE commodity exchange, also known as ACE derivatives and commodity exchange, is the fifth national commodity exchange in India. It offers contracts on exchange soybean, soya oil, rape mustard seeds, cast seeds and spoons, other contracts such as energy, metals and spices We do. For the first time, a regional Indian market was upgraded to the national market. All electronic markets owned by Indian banking and financial services firm Kotak Mahindra Group are 51%. Other investors include the Haryana State Cooperative Supply and Marketing Association Limited (HAFED), a state co-operative service and marketing organization. Other investors include: Bank of Baroda, Corporation Bank and Union Bank. The exchange opened with 230 registered members.

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