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Multibagger stock is an equity stock which returns a return of more than 100%. Stocks that give returns, their cost is called multibaggers. It is such a stock which is less valuable and has strong fundamentals. Multibagger stock companies are strong on corporate governance and there are businesses that are scalable within a short time. Multibaggers are stocks whose prices have increased many times in their initial investment values . In this, the debt level of the company should be within reasonable limits. Check on last quarter performance: Keep a check on the revenue multiples of the company on quarter-to-quarter basis. If multiples are low but the company is performing at the operational level, then it can be an indication that the company has significant bounce capacity.

With revenue numbers, check the sources from which the company is making money. Are the operations of the company easily measurable? If so, the stock may have the potential to be a multibagger. To calculate the current PE and value / sales ratio, calculate the last 12 months of EPS and revenues. If the PE level is rising faster than the stock price, then the possibility of having a multibagger is bright.

How to identify multibagger stocks? :-

1) Multi-bagger stocks are those that become fast and furious, are multibagger stock game changers - they can change your life. The search for the multibagger stock should pay very clear attention. Companies with high growth potential are generally known as multibagger stocks.

2) A multibagger is not complete in the stock snap. Multibaggers stocks are those that grow slowly when you invest them, they will not give immediate returns. With a good management and future strategy, a structurally robust company can potentially develop in a multi-bagger over time.

3) A 'multi-multibagger' stock should be in an area that exhibits high growth rates and the speed of development should be long-lived to last for decades. The source of labor should be clearly defined.

4) If you are working in a large company development capacities, then its future is very good. Any market capitalized company - whether it is a large cap, a midcap or a small cap - it has tremendous business opportunity tails, it is a multibag Can become.

5) Investment in multibaggers is like a partnership in a business. It should be very challenging about who he is sharing with while investing. If the management is visionary and ethical, then it is likely that he will take the business to the place, thus making the investment a multi-dimensional. Corporate governance is very important because business will not grow without good management.

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